Sockyeti - Episode 34 - Echo Supreme

posted by Evan at 9:00am

SEASON TWO OF SOCKYETI HAS BEGUN! Now, ordinarily, a show takes a break between its two seasons, but because we don't take no #$%% from The Man, we do things our way AND START THINGS BACK UP IMMEDIATELY. (Well, to be fair, we did take the break between recordings, but release schedules are frickin' craaaaaazy, you know what I mean? Shi.)

After the thrilling conclusion of Season 1, in which we learned a lot about Bear History, Season 2 kicks off in a new recording environment with its own unique set of issues. The bears next door are gone, but we are now broadcasting to you within an echo chamber, so that you can enjoy some proper, natural reverb on our sultry vocs (that's short for "vocals", pronounced "vokes"; feel free to use it with your friends and impress them).

Now listen, we can't promise that things are going to be better, but we can promise that there will still indeed be things! That we talk about! For you to listen! At! Why are there all these awkward! Excited! Pauses!? Just listen to the show already, would you? If you're still reading this you're doing the whole "podcast listening" thing really, really wrong. Did you even OWN a radio growing up? You realize how speakers work right? YOUR BRAIN CANNOT FOCUS ON TWO TASKS WHICH REQUIRE THE ATTENTION OF YOUR LANGUAGE CENTERS SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Fine, since you stuck around this long, I can tell you that we speak of the following things: Internet Service Providers, Snobby Coffee Making Methods, the smash hit iOS games Hero Acaedmy and Tiny Tower, the Pen Moto, Portlandia (Season 2), and the brand new series of Fat Caps from Kidrobot.

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