Sockyeti - Episode 30 - Hornswaggled

posted by Evan at 2:26pm

In a desperate bid to pull in sponsorships, we take it upon ourselves to endorse all manner of aftermarket bicycle enhancement accessories. This time around we're pimping what we believe to be the greatest handlebar-mounted bicycle safety airhorn solution available on the market, and talking a big game about the new hotness fresh out of kickstart known as Revolights, which bring us one step closer to realizing our dream of having real life light cycles.

Dabe tells us about his new tattoo featuring Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen fame, and Evan spends entirely too much time fawning over Drive (and its star Ryan Gosling), which somehow segues into a brief chat about Battleship: The Movie (which is, unfortunately, a very real thing that is actually happening).

Finally, we reminisce about the greatness of PS2 darling Shadow of the Colossus and Dabe regales us with stories of his adventures at the American Gladiators bike ride recently put on by the Zoobomb crew.

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