Sockyeti - Episode 27 - RealMouthâ„¢

posted by Evan at 9:34am

After briefly considering changing the name of our show to better reflect our core values, we move on to discuss more pressing matters…like braces and other metal things that go in your mouth.

We discuss methods for circumventing the recent cancellation of the League of Legends OS X client, and go generally game happy talking bout about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, board games, 3DS nonsense, and even Dungeons and Dragons. We also talk some more about last week's release of the Gold Life Dunny series from Huck Gee.

Oh, and hey, after all of our time spent discussing Portlandia in our early episodes, we both finally actually ran into some cast members while about town! I STARED INTO FRED ARMISEN'S SOUL WHILE HE ATE NOODLES.

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